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Randy Travis

Randy Travis

Fatigue, Liver, High Cholesterol, Allergies

"Fitness and nutrition have always been important to me. I work out six days a week and take vitamins and supplements. I never really gave much thought as to how what I ate and drank, and even the air I breathed affected my body. That is, not until the day I lost my voice! I was in my hotel room one morning following a performance when the telephone rang. When I went to answer it I found I could not speak. Shocked and frightened, my first thought was that I had lost my voice and quite possibly my singing career. After a voice specialist in Nashville found nothing wrong with my throat or vocal cords, I started searching for an answer.

I found it. One night while sitting up late watching television I saw an infomercial, which featured a doctor talking about his latest book. Being curious by nature, I sent for this doctor’s book and after reading it I contacted him. When I told him about the problem with my voice, this doctor said something that would change my life and the lives of my loved ones forever:

“The best place in the world for you to go for your health problems is a Clinic in Reno, Nevada. They work wonders there.”

So in August of 1995, I found myself in Sierra Integrative Medical Center (SIMC) at Reno, Nevada. The doctors at the clinic gave me a thorough physical examination and recommended laboratory testing. I will never forget the day one of the doctors walked into the treatment room and said to me, “You are allergic to every grass and tree known to mankind!” It was true, the lab tests confirmed that I had severe and multiple allergies.

For years doctors in Nashville and Atlanta kept telling me that I had a drainage problem in my nose and throat. One doctor suspected that I had allergies but never did a blood test to confirm it. The treatments they recommended were directed at treating the symptoms and not what was actually causing my problem. One of the things I learned from the doctors at the SIMC is that dairy products like milk, cheese and eggs and even fruits like pineapple were causing some of my health problems. Now I knew why after eating ice cream I could not sing for 3 or 4 days! I was allergic to dust, pollen and other things in the air and even to most of the vitamins and supplements I had been taking! I began treatment at the SIMC right away. My schedule wouldn’t allow me to spend much time at the clinic, so I took my treatment on the road. Within a few months of taking the custom-made medicines designed for me by the clinic, I felt a huge difference.

My wife, Elizabeth, also received treatment at the SIMC. She almost died from a bleeding ulcer and it was the doctors at the clinic who identified the cause of her ulcer as the H Pylori bacteria and treated it successfully.

I can honestly say that since I have been to the clinic nothing much bothers me anymore. Elizabeth and I both feel great and have a lot more energy. I just recorded a new album a couple of months ago. I sang every song of the twelve tracks and finished it in a week. Before coming to SIMC I would work on one album for at least five to six months. Last year I was filming in Canada for three months working seven days a week and sleeping only 4 to 5 hours a night. Everybody on the set was sick with the flu. I never got sick. A friend who was traveling with us contracted pneumonia and suffered a collapsed lung. He said to Elizabeth and I, “I don’t know how you do this!”

We do. And we have the Sierra Integrative Medical Center to thank.

In 1998, my father-in-law, Hill Roberson, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His oncologist opened him up, saw the size of the tumor, and then sent him home to die. He was in terrible pain and we were afraid we would lose him before we could get him to SIMC. The doctors at the clinic identified what was causing Hill’s health problems and immediately started him on a treatment program. When Hill returned to his home in North Carolina he went back to his oncologist who, in disbelief, found that the tumor had shrunk to one-quarter of its original size. Hill was back home doing the things he loved most—shooting his gun, mowing the lawn, hauling hay.

I remember one story my cousin told me about Hill after he had come back home from the clinic. Hill was sitting in his truck with the windows rolled up in 100 degree weather when my cousin said to him, “Man, is it hot!” Hill rolled down the window, looked at my cousin and said, “I’m doin’ fine.” Hill passed away in October of 1999 at the age of eighty-six. He was feeling so good that he just quit taking the treatments recommended by the clinic. Elizabeth and I wonder how long he would have lived had he kept taking those treatments. We are grateful that he never experienced any more pain until just a few days before he died. We thank the SIMC for allowing Hill to enjoy life right up until his last dying day.

I tell people who are not feeling good or have sickness in their family that they need to go to Sierra Integrative Medical Center. I have met and spoken with people who were diagnosed with “incurable” diseases who found help and hope there. I witnessed a little girl with arthritis who, after receiving treatment at the clinic, could raise her arm for the very first time. I met a woman with multiple sclerosis who discovered that her disease was caused by being exposed to chemicals and is now on the road to recovery.

I believe God works through some people to heal others. I believe that God works through the doctors at SIMC to help people that have no other place to turn for help. This belief has changed my life and the lives of those around me. I believe it can change yours.

Will I always look to Sierra Integrative Medical Center to keep me, my family and friends healthy and able to enjoy life and all its blessings?

Yes – forever and ever, amen."

Marcia K. - Lyme Disease Patient

"In the late 1990s, I was living a high-energy, active lifestyle in Northern California. In addition to 60+ hour work weeks, I found time for hiking, working out at the gym, and spending time with my family. One day, after an early morning hike on Mt. Diablo, I spent the day at work as usual, but by early evening my neck hurt, my glands were swollen, and the left side of my head and neck were covered in a rash. I drove myself to an urgent care facility, where a concerned doctor found a bite under my hairline did some blood work and gave me a shot (probably a steroid to stop the reaction). He told me to return in the morning for another examination, and then he said, “We’ll probably never know what caused this severe a reaction.” My symptoms soon disappeared.

Months later, my eyes became very sensitive to light. I had floaters and specks in my eyes, and occasional blurriness. The eye doctor assured me the problems were age-related. I decided not to tell him what I thought of that theory. But my symptoms worsened–I developed major asthma, then sores broke out on my legs, which opened and ran. This time I was told I had psoriasis.  Next came stretch marks, and then my veins surfaced.  Over time, the skin problems spread to my arms. I was prescribed medication, but it did nothing for the asthma or skin issues. Food allergies emerged and then worsened. Eating became a nightmare–I struggled to explain to my family why I couldn’t eat Thanksgiving dinner.

All of these problems continued, and worsened, for years. There were more trips to urgent care for severe allergic reactions.  I became chronically fatigued. One night while sleeping, I had a violent Meniere’s attack, lost control over my bodily fluids and was unable to get off the floor for hours. Afterward, I suffered hearing loss in my right ear, ringing/buzzing in both, pain, and over-sensitivity to sound. I suddenly had poor balance, frequent dizziness, and difficulty walking. It became difficult to care for myself. I was anxious and my memory became a concern. I experienced confusion, difficulty thinking clearly, and problems with concentration and reading. Speech became difficult at times, and forgetfulness crept into my mind, even for simple tasks.  I felt like I was losing control; I was emotional, and suffered through panic attacks and anxiety. The pain was bad my joints, particularly in my knees.  Muscles in my upper legs became weak, and my scalp developed sores.  After eight years, various specialists and endless treatments, the conditions were obviously not improving.

So I sought out alternative care. My faith is strong and I know God guided me to an integrative DO who was a Lyme specialist.  Within the first 10 minutes of my consultation, he asked if any of the doctors had run a Lyme test on me.  When I said no, he told me I had Lyme disease and would run the test to prove it.  My DO had discovered my disease and gave me a path to fight it.

I started immediately with oral antibiotics, two to three different ones daily.  My symptoms increased and I became a lot worse between the antibiotics and the Lyme die off.  Pain, tremors, mind fog, insomnia, confusion, disorientation, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks followed.  Additional symptoms flared up–I completely lost the ability to read, dizziness and vertigo increased, I could not drive, and my memory took a hike. These physical and mental challenges forced me to give up my career completely. I went from being a full time real estate broker to being basically home bound.  I fought on. When I had reactions to one drug, I switched to another, then to injections, followed by months of IV antibiotics.  Eventually the treatment caused renal failure, which terminated my antibiotic treatment.

Next, I went to a naturopath and, with a strict diet and supplements, stabilized the conditions for a couple of years.  In October of 2012, however, I knew I was relapsing.  By February of 2013, all my symptoms had returned and I was going downhill fast.  This time I didn’t believe I would survive. Then I found some articles about Lyme in the local newspaper, written by Chuck Norris. In them, he wrote about The Sierra Integrative Medical Center.  Thinking this was my last hope, my son drove me to Reno in early February and I started my treatments at this wonderful center.

A unique treatment plan is designed for each individual, following extensive testing.  The testing done at SIMC was more thorough than anything I had experienced in traditional treatments.  For the first time in years, I had hope of a cure, especially after meeting Marie.  I know God placed her in the reception area where I was filling out my paperwork.  Her Lyme cure at SIMC years prior had held and she never relapsed.

Six weeks later I walked out feeling better than I had since 1999! I have my life back. I’m hiking daily in the beautiful Sierras, doing Pilates, and am very active again.  Every morning I look forward to every day.

The doctors and staff at The Sierra Integrative Medical Center are so individually supportive, talented, caring and encouraging….as are the fellow patients, several who quickly became life long friends!

My prayer is that I will be a voice to be used to help others find hope and health at SIMC. —Marcia Keenan, Mt. Diablo, California"

Amin S. - Patient

"When I was sixteen, I was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, which is a type of bone cancer. The cancer was located in my lower left leg, and extended from my ankle up to my knee. My conventional treatment consisted of surgery to remove the tumor, as well as aggressive chemotherapy. I, also received a blood transfusion during this period of time. Although I had a good team of oncologists and surgeons tending to me, when my conventional treatment was complete, I felt that there was still more than should be done to manage my condition. I was only sixteen years old, yet I felt like I was sixty. After my treatment I persisted with chest pain, nausea, vomiting and constipation.

After doing some research, we discovered upon Sierra Integrative Medical Center (SIMC). When we arrived at the clinic, I was impressed with the atmosphere of the waiting room. It wasn’t as stressful as being in a hospital. The staff at the Clinic was very friendly and very sincere. They all worked very hard to make you feel comfortable, and during that process they became your friends. I ended up calling them all by name and joking around with them. Although it was a relaxed atmosphere, everyone performed very professionally.

Upon arrival at the clinic, the doctors did a complete evaluation of my current condition, and reviewed all of my old medical records. They were not only concerned with the presenting symptoms, but with their findings related to the underlying cause of my illness. They found that I had several viral infections, Lyme disease and heavy metal poisoning from the aggressive cisplastenum from chemotherapy that I received. I was treated at SIMC with various homeopathic medicines customized for my needs, along with immune therapy.

A year ago when I walked into Sierra Integrative Medical Center, I was pale, fatigue and depressed. Now, more than a year later, and I am completely cancer free. I look forward to returning the clinic to continue with some immune therapy, to help keep me cancer free.

Today, I am feeling well and walking normally. After all of my suffering, life now seems more beautiful to me. I am grateful to my father, brother, sister and all the staff at SIMC for their mental and physical support they gave me."

Bruce W. - Lyme Disease & Other Patient

"I had little indication that there was a health problem until the day I collapsed with chest pain, palpitation, numbness in both arms, inability to move as if the “whole body had shut down.” My physician subsequently diagnosed me as having mitral valve prolapse and arrhythmia even though my Electrocardiogram is normal and there was no history of heart problems on either side of my family for 3 generations. The first cardiologist said I needed a new mitral valve. The second said I needed a pacemaker. The third recommended Prilosec and a good diet and exercise program. Obviously, I opted for the third recommendations but still had six more “incidences” over the next eighteen months. I was also very tired, had little energy, and my reading comprehension was dropping steadily.

I came to Sierra Integrative Medical Center (SIMC). I could not believe that the three days of testing at this clinic finally revealed what years of testing at ‘regular’ hospitals and specialists could not! SIMC was the only place that the diagnoses lined up with what I was feeling in my own body. They found that I had Methylene Chloride exposure, which turns to Carbon Monoxide in blood streams causing circulation problem. Aside from positive Lyme disease, I also had elevated titers of Epstein Barr Virus and Cytomegalovirus. The Physical examination also revealed an enlarged spleen and liver which explained my comprehension deterioration, low energy and the need to sleep more than ten hours a day.

During my first three weeks of treatment, I was a little skeptical because I felt like I was getting worse instead of better. However, the entire staff was so genuinely concerned and did whatever it took to help me that I soon quit asking so many questions and simply followed their recommendations. I soon began to feel as though I was on a rocket ship ride out of the depths of poor health. My energy levels and clarity of thought were rapidly improving. I was beginning to sleep only 7 hours a night with no energy fall-off during the day.

Today I am a 49-year-old man in a 25-year-old body! I have as much energy as my two boys (ages 10 and 14) and my wife now accuses me of being a pest (but I know she is not complaining!). I believe in the power of prayer. I also believe that if we are sick, we need to do the possible and let God do the impossible. For me, doing the possible was coming to Sierra Integrative Medical Center. I thank God and the physicians and staff at SIMC for giving me the impossible – the gift of a new life."

Cheryl F. - Lyme Disease

"How do you thank someone for saving your life? Well, sharing my experience is one way I can express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Bruce Fong and the staff at Sierra Integrative Medical Center. The path that led me to the clinic actually started several years ago, when I began experiencing bizarre, unexplained symptoms of joint pain, extreme fatigue, numbness and tingling in my extremities and neurological issues- such as memory loss and seizure like symptoms.

This was all very troubling and surprising because I was always in good health. After many doctor visits and lab tests, I was finally diagnosed with Chronic End Stage Lyme Disease. This can be a frightening disease to deal with because there is a lot of controversy within the medical community over the treatment of Lyme. Some doctors even denying there is such a thing as Chronic Lyme, or Late Stage Lyme Disease. I was eventually in a treatment program consisting of mega doses of antibiotics. There were some gains made in my health on this regimen, but 5-6 months of high dose antibiotics led to serious GI problems. I had to stop the antibiotics. My situation eventually deteriorated to the point where I was having more seizure-like episodes, loss of the use of my arms and then my legs gave out and finally my speech became slurred. Desperate for help, with no place to turn, the medical community in our area could offer me little comfort.

I truly believed I was crashing and burning and would end up dead! But then some dear friends told me about the positive results they experienced in treating their Lyme disease, by going to Sierra Integrative Medical Center in Reno, Nevada. I then decided that it was time to go to Reno Nevada for treatment! This seemed like a long way to go from Maine; but, when your health is failing, what did I have to lose. I could no longer function and the pain was almost unbearable! Here was a place offering me hope! I had to have a friend accompany me on the trip, as I needed assistance and had to be pushed in a wheel chair and my speech was severely impaired. We had a 15 hour flight with several connections from Maine to Nevada. Once there, I experienced what I would consider nothing short of a miracle – when, after one IV treatment, I could walk, talk and use my arms again! Here was a place offering me hope! I spent five weeks under the watchful care of Dr. Bruce Fong, one of the most caring, compassionate and attentive doctors, I have ever had. The entire staff was AWESOME!

I love them all and I know they are truly committed to helping people experience restoration of their health. Was it easy – not really! The important question is – was it worth it? Yes! Yes! I now have a new lease on life. Feeling whole again, being free from pain, depression and hopelessness, this experience has truly energized my outlook on life. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone suffering from Lyme disease and co-infections. God bless Dr. Fong and the staff at Sierra Integrative Medical Center!."

Debbie M. - Chronic Viral Infections, Lyme Disease, Chemical Toxicity

"In January of 1995, I had surgery on the nerve in my left foot. Five days after surgery I started experiencing pain in my right big toe radiating up to my legs. I was diagnosed with gout. Not satisfied with that diagnosis I went for a second opinion. The physician, after examining me, immediately contacted my surgeon and said, “…this girl has Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD).” RSD is a disease of the sympathetic nervous system where a false message is sent to the brain that you are in horrific pain. It feels as though your flesh is being torn away from your body by animals. I went from being an aerobics instructor to being bedridden and on a bedpan.

From January 1995 to January 1997, I received nineteen nerve blocks and countless drugs to try to control the pain. I could no longer wear shoes or socks and couldn’t bear to even touch my foot. My life was over. I became suicidal but couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my family. My doctors just kept increasing my medication and I was told there was no cure. I knew the Sierra Integrative Medical Center was my last chance. After a thorough examination and laboratory testing, my test results showed that I had Chronic Viral Infections, Lyme Disease, Chemical Toxicity and multiple allergies. I only had 25 percent blood flow to the left side of my head and body. One of the physicians at the Clinic, after spending an entire afternoon with me said, “I haven’t given up on anyone and I’m not going to give up on you.” I was placed on a five week, custom-made treatment program. During the fourth week, I could walk without a wheelchair. When I returned home I continued to improve. Not only could I put on shoes but at Christmas time that year I wore heels! It was nothing short of a miracle. I also achieved my personal goal of walking on the beach with my daughter, holding her hand. That thought still brings me to tears. I wake up each morning and wonder if my recovery will hold–and it has. Today I clean and cook and run a daycare. I bicycle eight to twelve miles. I went from being a walking zombie to being pain free and enjoying life. I believe in the Clinic. I have my life back, thanks to the Sierra Integrative Medical Center."

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