Lyme Disease Treatment

“Lyme Disease Treatment That Really Works”

Sierra Integrative Medical Center is proud to be the leading Lyme Disease clinic in Reno, Nevada—if not the entire country. By pairing our whole-body approach to diagnosis with the most advanced therapeutic options available, we’ve been able to help countless patients who have been tormented by this hard to beat infection, as well as others like it.

If you’re suffering from Lyme Disease or another infectious disease choose Sierra Integrative to receive the care you need and the treatment that works.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Transmitted to humans through the bite of infected black-legged ticks, Lyme Disease is an infection that, if left untreated, can cause serious pain, fatigue, and other crippling symptoms. Despite its most common symptom—a bullseye-shaped skin rash that spreads around the site of the tick bite—Lyme Disease is extremely easy to misdiagnose, given that its other symptoms are so similar to those of more common illnesses.

Common symptoms of Lyme Disease include: 

Extreme fatigue
Joint swelling
Muscle Pain
Decline in cognitive abilities
Trouble sleeping
Sensitivity to light
Shortness of breath
Person suffering from lyme disease
Doctor with patient

How We Treat Lyme Disease

When it comes to effectively eradicating Lyme Disease and other infectious diseases, traditional antibiotics often won’t cut it. That’s why in addition to conventional treatments, we consider as many alternative treatments as possible to treat this highly persistent disease. 

Some of our most common Lyme Disease treatments include:

Immune Peptide Therapy
Advanced nutraceuticals
IV Therapy
Orthomolecular therapy
Oxidative therapies
Integrated whole body detoxification
Individualized homeopathic remedies
Customized Chinese herbal remedies
Intravenous nutritional support

What Makes Us Different

At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we specialize in treating hard to diagnose and difficult to treat cases—and are especially equipped to treat occult infectious diseases like Lyme Disease. Assessing the whole body, by performing a comprehensive evaluation on the patient, including medical history and risk factors for exposures to infectious diseases and or toxins and lifestyle. Then, by drawing from all schools of medicine—including the very latest in conventional medicine, alternative therapies, and homeopathic and holistic health—will apply a combination of interventions to strengthen your body, so it can heal itself.

Our team of integrative physicians and other providers in Reno Nevada are highly experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of infectious diseases using a combination of the methods listed above. We'll work with you to cooperatively recommend the best combination of interventions possible for your unique condition, so that you can rest assured knowing you’re receiving the best treatment possible.

Sierra Integrative team

Our Treatment Success Stories

“I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Fong and the entire team at Sierra Integrative Medical Center for helping me get my life back. After 10 years of searching for answers, and being dismissed by countless doctors, Dr. Fong took the time to really review my story and was the first doctor to see me, believe me, and help me get a diagnosis. Dr. Fong showed me that you CAN get better and have symptom free days again! Thank you, Dr. Fong, for everything!”

- Christa Nannos, Author of Tick Tock, It’s LYME O’clock


"I feel better than I have in years. I have energy, I can think clearly again, and my body continues to feel stronger each day. I thank God and Sierra Integrative Medical Clinic for giving me my life back. Now that my treatment is over, it’s up to me, to stay healthy, exercise and eat right. But most of all take what I have learned about the realities of Lyme’s Disease and use my story to help others.
Thank you Sierra Integrative Medical Clinic."

- Danella C., Lyme Disease Patient

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you diagnose Lyme Disease?

At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we diagnose disease using a combination of laboratory tests and assessments. What’s more, rather than diagnosing your condition based on a “pattern of symptoms” as is traditionally done, our infectious disease doctors will focus on the underlying origin of your symptoms. This allows us to design an individualized treatment plan made to address the true cause of your illness, whether it’s from a viral or bacterial infection, hypersensitivity, toxoplasmosis, or, in the case of Lyme Disease, a tick bite.

Can Lyme Disease be cured?

Yes. Lyme Disease can be cured using combination treatments, even among patients who report experiencing symptoms of pain, fatigue, or difficulty thinking.

Can I have Lyme Disease without a rash?

Yes. The common “Erythema migrans” rash occurs in 7 in 10 people with the disease, and the appearance of the rash can vary widely. 
You may the following symptoms without the rash: 

  • fever or chills
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • muscle and joint aches
  • swollen lymph nodes.

Rare symptoms of Lyme Disease include heart palpitations, fainting, chest pain, arthritis, sensitivity to light, visual disturbances, and even cognitive, neurological, and psychological symptoms.