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By now, no one has been untouched by the current novel Coronavirus of 2019 (also known as SARS-Cor-2) and the disease it has been more commonly referred to as:  COVID-19.  Whether we or someone we know has been sickened by this or we have been affected by the rationing of everyday items (i.e.: paper products), rationing of protective supplies (hand sanitizer or gloves) or even by the rationing (diminished availability) of our ability to access our health care (due to fears of spreading this disease).  It is this last item that truly gives us reason to pause.

Fear has played a larger role than anything in the loss or diminished ability to be able to obtain healthcare for ourselves.  All across our nation and the world, strict protocols and outright quarantines (no matter what you call it) force most doctors and facilities to turn away many patients who would normally be treated.  Although I personally agree that “social distancing” and isolation are good methods to help limit the spread and ultimately speed up the dying off of this virus; the fear of greatly exaggerated death rates and outright falsehoods of social media bloggers have created mass panic and worry among the majority of the public.  

Many so-called leaders at all levels including local and state have ridden on this fear and have declared the need for isolation by forcing closed many “non-essential” businesses, leaving many Americans in particular out in the cold worrying about what will occur next.  Furthermore, these leaders have massively failed to calm their constituents about the true reason behind these forced isolations and instead have subscribed to the fear-mongering and lack of factual evidence that is so prevalent about COVID-19.  

The true reason for the isolations and social distancing is to protect those of our population who are vulnerable to more serious consequences of this illness (typically those over 60 years old and/or those with pre-existing chronic medical conditions including chronic lung diseases, diabetes, hypertension, low immune states or possibly any other severely debilitating chronic illness). The vast majority of people who contract this disease (generally considered greater than 80%) will NOT need hospitalization or even significant medical care.  Of those hospitalized, most will require supportive care typically for viral pneumonia and a small percentage of these patients will require intubation and ventilator for acute respiratory distress syndrome.  It is from this latter group that unfortunately a percentage of these patients will die. Therefore, I state with most certainty and confidence that if most of us were to be exposed to this virus, that we would experience none to very mild symptoms or at worst suffer a flu-like illness but then RECOVER. We should NOT be so fearful of this illness which is likely to kill far fewer of us than a typical influenza virus that occurs every year. Although it is our duty to protect the vulnerable members in our society, we also should not have to sacrifice our own health and well-being to do so.

The combination of fear and government forced closures of businesses as well as essentially forced isolation have had an unexpected consequence; many people at large are now unable to access their healthcare to maintain themselves and their health in general even if their issues don’t involve COVID-19 at all.    Many doctors’ offices have been forced to close or curtail their operations due to outright fear of the disease or due to a lack of patients willing to venture out to be seen.  This unforeseen consequence will result in the worsening of many patients’ chronic states as well as a general downturn in peoples’ ability to maintain themselves and in particular their immune systems in a time when we need that very immune system to keep us healthy and help us avoid serious consequences should we contract COVID-19. 

We here at Sierra Integrative Medical Center, feel that this is an unacceptable situation and have committed ourselves to trying to stay open to provide a safe and efficient environment to provide you with your medical needs.

The traditional role of our integrative treatment center is to provide the best in therapies to bolster the immune system to fight diseases naturally and non-toxically.  We offer treatments such as oxidative therapies and high dose vitamin C infusions that have traditionally had an anti-viral effect while enhancing immune system functionality.  Although currently, there is no proven specific treatment for the novel corona virus, we feel that bolstering your immune system will play a large role in helping to try to prevent the illness or if you do contract it, you will have a means to likely lessen the severity and duration of said illness.  Research at the National Institutes of Health have shown that vitamin C even in small doses can achieve this effect in the common cold (of which other corona viruses make up a large number of the causative agents).  

Additionally, as an internist, I can address any other medical needs you may have should you have any difficulties in seeing your own physician or in being able to access care.  I have deeply researched many aspects of the COVID-19 illness and have recently been lecturing various bodies regarding the same, trying to promote calm and profess factual evidence and dispel the plethora of falsehoods and rumors that create panic.  I have encouraged my staff in regard to standing strong and steadfast against this disease and all the challenges that have arisen from it.  Furthermore, we have revamped our infection control protocols to help ensure a safe and clean environment for you all here at our facility.

Again, we here at Sierra Integrative Medical Center send you all our prayers and well wishes in this difficult time but encourage you to seek us out to help provide for your medical needs as needed.  May GOD bless you all and see all of us through this trial soon.

Medical Director
Sierra Integrative Medical Center

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