Integrative Chronic Pain Treatments Near Reno

“Chronic Pain Treatment That Really Works”

At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we know how difficult living with chronic pain can be. Not only can it severely limit your mobility, strength, and endurance, but stifle your ability to enjoy, let alone perform, daily activities. 

Causes of Chronic Pain

Pain is a complicated and difficult experience for many people, and also a highly subjective one. From moment to moment, chronic pain can feel sharp or dull, steady or intermittent, or come or go as it pleases. It can also affect nearly any part of the body, and feel widely different in various areas, at different times of the day. 

At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we treat chronic pain caused by both known and unknown causes. Whether your pain is caused by a condition or an injury, or you’re simply experiencing persistent aches and pains, we can help identify its cause, and restore your health.

Common Causes of Chronic Pain

Nerve Pain
Musculoskeletal Pain
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Common Types of Chronic Pain

Severe headaches or migraines
Post surgical pain
Post traumatic pain
Chronic Lower back pain
Cancer pain
Arthritis pain
Neurogenic pain
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How We Treat Chronic Pain

Defined as pain that lasts at least 12 weeks, chronic pain is highly subjective and can vary in degree at different times and locations—making it extremely difficult to pin-point and assess. Unfortunately, this causes many doctors to either misdiagnose chronic pain, alleviate the symptoms but not the cause (if only temporary), or mask the issue entirely with complex prescriptions. 

At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we take a whole body approach to treating and managing chronic pain. That means we focus just as much on alleviating your symptoms as we do in addressing what’s causing them. Unlike other medical centers, we also consider an exceedingly wide range of possible treatments, including conventional, alternative and homeopathic-based remedies, and will recommend the best interventions based on your unique circumstances. 

Some of our most common treatments for chronic pain include:

Advanced nutraceuticals
Orthomolecular therapy
Integrated whole body detoxification
Individualized homeopathic remedies
Oxidative therapies
Customized Chinese herbal remedies
Intravenous nutritional support

What Makes Us Different

At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we specialize in treating hard to diagnose and difficult to treat cases—and are especially equipped to help relieve chronic and persistent pain. We’ll assess all your symptoms, as well as your medical history and risk factors to diagnose your condition. Once we’ve identified what’s causing your pain, we’ll work backwards to develop a custom treatment plan to prove permanent, if not lasting, relief.

Furthermore, our team of pain doctors in Reno are highly experienced in diagnosing and treating chronic pain—no matter the source or cause—using a combination of the methods listed above. Whether you could benefit from a conventional treatment or an alternative one, we’ll work with you to recommend the best treatments possible for your unique condition.

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Our Treatment Success Stories

"The physicians and staff at SIMC work diligently to treat the “cause” of each and every patient’s illness. They spend countless hours researching each individual case and take whatever time and effort is needed in helping that patient recover. My family and friends join me in saluting SIMC for their humanity, spirit, ability and kindness. Their selfless and endless pursuit of knowledge and research ultimately benefits each and every one of their patients."

- Francisco A., Chronic Pain Patient

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"A year ago when I walked into Sierra Integrative Medical Center, I was pale, fatigue and depressed. Now, more than a year later, and I am completely cancer free. I look forward to returning the clinic to continue with some immune therapy, to help keep me cancer free. Today, I am feeling well and walking normally. After all of my suffering, life now seems more beautiful to me. I am grateful to my father, brother, sister and all the staff at SIMC for their mental and physical support they gave me."

- Amin S., Chronic Fatigue & Pain

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you diagnose chronic pain?

At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we diagnose chronic pain using a combination of laboratory tests and medical assessments. We also take a whole body approach to diagnosis—taking not only your symptoms, but also your medical history and lifestyle into account. This allows our chronic pain doctors to identify the source of your pain and design an individualized treatment plan to address it. 

What causes chronic pain?

Pain is an important reaction that helps to alert you to an injury. When an injury—such as a cut, scuff, or sprain occurs, pain signals travel from the injured area through our nervous system to your brain, alerting you of the injury. 

Chronic pain is different. Instead of becoming less severe as the injury heals, chronic pain continues to send the same pain signals, even after you’ve recovered. This can last for several weeks, months, even years.

How do you treat chronic pain?

Since chronic pain can vary in severity and frequency among different people, chronic pain treatments have to be custom-made to each patient for them to work effectively. That’s why we never apply a cookie-cutter approach to treating pain, and instead develop individualized treatment plans based on your unique symptoms, their origins, and your underlying health conditions. From there, our chronic pain treatment specialists will utilize a combination of medications, medical treatments, and lifestyle remedies to treat your chronic pain.