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We are pioneers in Integrative Medicine, blending the best conventional medicine with the best alternative therapies. This unique approach to wellness continues to grow in popularity as doctors and patients recognize the effectiveness of treating the whole person — in body, mind and spirit.

Founding Medical Director Dr. Bruce Fong was introduced to natural medicine and homeopathic medicine as a young child and continues with that tradition today. He has followed in the family footsteps of medicine and is rooted in the belief that we must heal and prevent human disease and suffering. Optimal health may be achieved by determining and remedying the root cause of illness.

For nearly three decades, Dr. Fong has been at the forefront of alternative therapies for immune related diseases, including special treatment plans which combine the best options from a broad array of homeopathic, Chinese and traditional medicine.

As Medical Director at Sierra Integrative Medical Center, Dr. Fong is focused on solving root causes, not treating symptoms or masking issues falsely with compounded prescriptions.

Our History

Sierra Integrative Medical Center of Reno, Nevada was founded in 1983 by Harvard educated Dr. Yiwien Chang, MD under the name Century Wellness Center. Over his years of practice, Dr. Chang became progressively distressed with allopathic medicine and sought answers from both traditional Chinese and homeopathic medicine. His practice grew to represent this alternative care approach, which he shared with his stepson, Dr. Bruce Fong, DO, HMD. Chang’s solutions-driven approach to wellness is the foundation for all Sierra Integrative Medical Center treatment plans.

In 2003, as a result of partnership dissolution, Sierra Integrative Medical Center was formed with the original core staff and physicians, providing a continuity of care and retaining their Reno headquarters. Our team today is comprised of these original care providers, serving patients for the past decade through Sierra Integrative Medical Center.


Sierra Integrative Medical Center is focused on difficult to diagnose and chronic conditions, such as Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue, and immune disorders like HIV, and Hepatitis-C. Many patients find that by combining traditional with holistic practices, they get unmatched results. A wide range of specialized highly confidential treatments, including weight loss, pain management, drug detox and alcohol detox are available.

Please contact us to consult on your wellness needs by calling 775-828-5388.

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Dr. Bruce Fong, DO, HMD

Introduced to natural and homeopathic medicine at a young age, our Founding Medical Director Dr. Bruce Fong has been at the forefront of alternative therapies for immune-related diseases since the early 90’s. Rather than focus on alleviating symptoms or masking issues entirely with symptomatic based pharmacologic therapies - Dr. Fong focuses on combating the root causes of illnesses. In addition to advocating for the effectiveness of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Fong leads in the development of all our patients’ treatment plans—drawing from the best treatment options from homeopathic, Chinese and traditional medicine.

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Sammy Valera, RN, APH

Sammy Valera is a Registered Nurse (RN) & Advanced practitioner of Homeopathy (APH) from the Manila Central University in the Philippines where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing. With over 25 years of Integrated Medical Experience, 12 of those working in the Surgical/PACU units at the local Renown Medical Center Sammy is a veteran nurse who has the decades of necessary experience to make your treatment at Sierra Integrative Medical Center as effective as possible.