Frequently Used Treatments

IV therapy

Intravenous (IV) therapy is one method that we regularly employ to provide treatment for a range of medical conditions. As the name implies, IV therapy involves using a needle and catheter to inject vitamins and minerals into a vein. While the “intravenous route” to administration is commonly used for rehydration, or to provide nutrients when a patient can’t drink or eat, it can also be used to administer all sorts of different medications and micronutrients that can help the body heal. 

At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we regularly use Intravenous Therapy in combination with other alternative treatments to help restore the energy, stamina, and vitality the body needs to defend and suppress various ailments. 

High Dose Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin and antioxidant that’s naturally found in citrus fruit and green leafy vegetables. It’s also a super important nutrient for everything from your bones and blood vessels to your muscles and connective tissues. High Dose Vitamin C is a concentrated dose of Vitamin C that is administered via intravenous (IV) infusion. Compared to oral intake, this allows it to reach much higher levels in the blood, as well as bypass the liver, preventing loose stools. When consumed repeatedly, High Dose Vitamin C can prove an effective treatment for a variety of chronic diseases, infections, and other maladies. 

Detox Protocol

Detoxification or “detox,” is a body-cleansing technique that aims to rid the body of unnatural “toxins”—or, substances that can have an undesirable effect on your health. Just like ‘detox diets,’ which involve eliminating certain foods to restore one’s health, detox can also be used to treat chemical and heavy metal toxicity and other ailments. By following our detox protocol—a series of gradually intensive measures to detox your system fully, (all administered under careful medical supervision, we can help restore certain toxins from your body to aid your recovery.

Chelation therapy, a medical procedure that involves the infusion of “chelating agents”—organic compounds that can remove toxins from the body—is one such procedure we use throughout our heavy metal detox protocol. It’s an alternative therapy that, performed correctly, has shown to produce astonishing results. 

Immune Boosting Peptides

Peptides are short strings of amino acids that are generally used to build essential proteins in the body, including those involved in wound healing and regulating your blood pressure. They also possess antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antithrombotic (anti-clotting) effects, and form the basis for various medications for pneumonia, HIV, infections, even cancer. 

At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we use some of the world’s most potent and efficacious peptides to improve immune function and reduce oxidative stress, which can boost your immunity and help your body heal itself. 

Glyoxal “Oxygen Shots”

The immune system plays a vital role in your body: by detecting and destroying disease-causing germs, pathogens and other substances it doesn’t recognize as its own. As long as your immune system is running properly, you don’t notice that it’s there. But if it stops working properly—because it’s weak or can't fight particularly aggressive germs—it becomes less effective at doing its job. 

Our glyoxal “oxygen shots” are proprietary shots made using oxidized glyoxal, an organic compound that can easily penetrate your cells and weaken or kill any antigens inside it. This can reactivate your immune system, giving it the boost it needs to fight back against infection, and eliminate disease producing viruses, bacteria and fungi.