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Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is the combination of practices and methods of alternative medicine with conventional medicine. Sierra Integrative Medical Center realizes healthful outcomes by establishing treatment plans which draw from all schools of medicine.

Lyme Disease Treatment

We take great pride at SIMC in offering some of the most advanced therapeutic options available for the treatment of Lyme disease as well as other hard to treat infectious diseases. Above and beyond the use of traditional antibiotics, we employ a wide range of treatments.

Neurological Disease

Individuals suffering from MS, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease know these diseases can be grossly life changing. Many patients carry these diagnoses by name only and very few know their true underlying cause.

Christa Nannos

Author of Tick Tock, It’s LYME O’clock

"I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Fong and the entire team at Sierra Integrative Medical Center for helping me get my life back. After 10 years of searching for answers, and being dismissed by countless doctors, Dr. Fong took the time to really review my story and was the first doctor to see me, believe me, and help me get a diagnosis. I had been battling Lyme disease and co-infections for a long time and had no idea. Dr. Fong helped me understand what was going on in my body and developed a specific treatment plan for me to do during my time at Sierra. We worked hard to detox my body as well as kill the bacteria, and I began to feel what it was like again to be healthy. A feeling I didn’t know was even possible at that point. When you’ve been sick for so long, you learn to live with the symptoms, but Dr. Fong showed me that you CAN get better and have symptom free days again! Everyone is different, and therefore it’s important to work with a doctor who is willing to work with your specific case and not generalize you and your story. That’s why I’m so glad I found Dr. Fong. Working with Dr. Fong was the first step on my journey back to health, and I owe a substantial amount of my healing to my time at Sierra. Thank you, Dr. Fong, for everything!"