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  • Sierra Integrative Medical Center

  • The Eastern Sierra Nevada.

  • Fatigue, Liver, High Cholesterol, Allergies

    “The best place in the world for you to go for your health problems is a Clinic in Reno, Nevada. They work wonders there.” – Randy Travis

    Singer and SIMC patient Randy Travis.

Combining the BEST that CONVENTIONAL & ALTERNATIVE Medicine Have to Offer!

Medical Director, Dr. Bruce Fong, DO, HMD

Learn more about Dr. Fong’s background developing treatment modalities that are based on finding root causes.

Alternative Therapies

Offering a full range of traditional Oriental, Naturopathic and Holisitic treatments.


Maged H. Maged ND, APH, PhD

Learn more about Dr. Maged including his work in oxidative therapy, chelation and nutritional therapies.


"I am a fan—My husband is so exhausted and a bevy of Doctors have no idea what to do except slice, dice and medicate the symptoms. We are excited to finally have him make this journey and take back his health."–Sacramento, CA

Mitral Valve Prolapse, Arrthymia: "I came to Sierra Integrative Medial Center (SIMC)- they found I had Methylene Choride exposure, Lyme disease, Epstein Barr Virus and Cytomegalovirus. Today I am a 49 year-old man in a 25 year-old body!"–Vancouver, WA

Severe Migraines, Lyme Disease: "These devastating headaches dictated my life-Even the Demerol shots I was taking every three months for pain stopped working. Today I am not only head-ache-free but also Lyme-free as well. My experience at the Sierra Integrative Medical Center was the most unbelieveable event in my life."–Chico, CA